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On this page you will find all the construction and road work going on around the Township. Please be advised that this page is updated once the project is completed. At times the dates that are provided can change with little notice and end dates may change due to project being delayed due to weather or other circumstances.

PennDot IconPennsylvania Department of Transportation
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    PECO Energy to Close PECO Energy to Close College Avenue for Repairs June 24 & 25, 2021

  • PECO Energy informed Haverford Township officials earlier today that they will close College Avenue this Thursday June 24, 2021 and Friday, June 25, 2021 from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM for repairs that are necessary to prepare for the upcoming closure of Darby, Coopertown and Landover Roads.
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  • PECO Energy to Close Darby Road 24/7 for Natural Gas Main Installation

  • PECO Energy has informed the Township that they plan to close Darby Road between College Avenue and Route 320 (Sproul Road) beginning on or about June 28th, for the installation of a new gas main.
  • Update Information 09/08/21
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    July 06, 2021 Aqua Water Main Repalace
  • Aqua PA will begin the replacement of 2,263 of aging 6- and 8- inch water mains on Steel Road between North Ormond and Greenview Lane.
  • Unknown date for completion Unknown restoration date
    June 14, 2021 Aqua Water Main Repalace Campbell Avenue between Saint Dennis Lane and Hastings Avenue | Hawthorne Avenue between Campbell Avenue and Edgehill Drive | Hastings Avenue between Hawthorne Avenue and Earlington Road | Academy Lane between Hastings Avenue and Hawthorne Avenue | Ridgeway Road between Hastings Avenue and Woodmere Way | Woodmere Way between Earlington Road and Mill Road | Winton Avenue, Colony Lane and Hampton Road between Edgehill Drive and Mill Road | Edgehill Drive between Hampton Road and Woodmere Way | Mill Road between Woodmere Way and Colony Lane Unknown date for completion Unknown restoration date